To ensure that all internal stakeholders approve of contracts through the appropriate hierarchy, the following procedure is provided to assure that contracts include all of the necessary elements for legal sufficiency, are approved at all appropriate levels and are expedited as quickly as possible.

  • Start early!  The review and approval process can be lengthy depending upon the number of contracts that Dr. Lynne Opperman’s office, the Texas A&M University Health Science Center and the Office of General Counsel are reviewing.  Contracts should be initiated prior to effective dates and cannot be rushed internally through the TAMHSC’s process.  All contracts must be routed from Dr. Lynne Opperman’s office to the TAMHSC and the OGC.
  • All contracts must have the following items specified:  parties, goals/purposes, term (must be equal to or less than five years without Board of Regents’ approval), termination, duties and obligations, performance (time frame, location, etc.), liability, governing law, venue and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) provisions.  Other areas that should be considered in all contracts include HIPAA (if applicable), insurance, confidentiality, force majeure, timing (whether time is of the essence), notice, assignment and severability.  The OGC has pre-approved HIPAA language for Business Associate contracts (attached).

Dr. Lynne Opperman will be happy to assist you with any step in this process and we invite you to contact her at x8205.   As part of the overall mission within the Texas A&M, HSC is to extend services to the community within the framework of the educational program, following these steps in the contract process will allow additional opportunities for collaboration and far greater protection in the process.   A legally sufficient sample contract, Amendment and contract/grant transmittal form are available upon request to Dr. Lynne Opperman.