Mandatory Regulatory Training

Appropriate training facilitates the investigator's ability to conduct research while remaining in compliance with the regulations mentioned. Therefore, training in a variety of areas is required of all faculty, staff and students involved in any form of research.  Laboratory safety training sessions are conducted once per month throughout the year and is mandatory that all researchers are trained at least once every three years.  Other forms of training are available online.

CITI is a web-based ethics training course for those conducting research.  To access CITI training, please go to  The preferred email used must be the same email that is associated with your iRIS account so that the link within the system can be validated.  CITI has many courses available and individuals are assigned specific modules based on the scope of each research protocol.  Every individual participating in research is required to take the Ethics in Research training and must pass the module with at least an 80%.  Once CITI training is complete the information will be automatically sent to the Compliance Office and incorporated with each individual's active protocols.

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Richard Cardenas
Program Manager