Pat Brouwer Paul Dechow Margaret Hart
Pat Brouwer 
Director of Human Resources
Paul Dechow
Regents Professor, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Margaret Hart
Clinical Manager, Department of Restorative Sciences
Lavern Holyfield Fareed Ighani - Student Ann McCann
Lavern Holyfield
Clinical Associate Professor, Director of Diversity and Faculty Development
Fareed Ighani
Ann McCann
Professor, Director of Planning and Assessment
Barbara Miller  Richard Rodriguez - Student Alicia Spence
Barbara Miller
Associate Professor, Executive Director of Recruitment and Admissions
Richard Rodriguez
Alicia Spence
Clinical Assistant Professor, Director of Student Development
Kathy Svoboda Qian Wang  
Kathy Svoboda
Regents Professor, Director of the Graduate Program in Oral Biology
Qian Wang
Associate Professor

Goals and strategies for achieving exclusive excellence are detailed in the Texas A&M University College of Dentistry Diversity and Inclusion Plan.