The Education for Healthcare Professionals program will provide the opportunity for individuals to develop the background and skills necessary to be excellent teachers in their areas of specialty and conduct research to improve and develop innovative educational programs in health professions education.

Professional Development imageThe program offers our faculty an opportunity to hone and improve their existing knowledge of pedagogy. Specifically, the program goals are:

  • To provide healthcare organizations with effective and innovative leaders in healthcare who will serve the needs of their global and local communities.
  • To provide health professions education leaders with a broad and rigorous foundation in the theory and practice of education.
  • To provide the field of healthcare professionals with scholars who will advance our understanding and practice of education in the health professions

Our fully online courses allow faculty to have the flexibility to complete a 14 credit hour certificate or a 36 credit hour Master of Science degree.


Individuals interested in the certificate can expand their knowledge of teaching and curriculum development. The certificate program requires 14 credit hours which can be applied to the M.S. degree program. **The Certificate Courses may be applied to the Master's as long as the degree is completed in a time frame of 7 years from the point when the initial Certificate Courses were taken.**

Master of Science Degree

Individuals interested in the M.S. degree will develop the background and skills necessary to be excellent teachers in their areas of specialty. The degree plan requires 36 credit hours, which are organized into three categories: core courses, electives, and thesis hours.

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