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HSC-BCD Security

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Security Documents & Forms

Locks & Keys

LocksThe security staff strives to provide services to protect people, to protect property and to maintain order. We do this with a commitment to excellence and a respect for the dignity and rights of all individuals.

The security staff works in partnership with the entire college community to be proactive in crime prevention. Our goal is to provide quality professional services that will promote the best possible environment for the mission of the college

The Security Staff:

Sam McDonald - Chief of Security
Sidney Whitley - Asst. Chief of Security
Susie Rhodes
David Richardson
Kenneth Howell
Rickie Williams

Bobby Wortham
Samuel Wooldridge

For answers to questions or to express concerns feel free to contact any member of the Security staff at (214) 828-8335.

Security Services Available

Access Cards & Keys
Access cards for the building and parking garage are issued by Security to all students, faculty and staff. Lost access cards are replaced for a $20 charge. Building keys are issued based on department head request. This does not include photo ID badges. The photo ID badges are provided through Media Resources.
Crime Reporting & Prevention
All incidents should be reported to security in a timely manner. We will provide information on SAFETY TIPS, CRIME STATISTICS and SECURITY ALERTS. (See each of these as a separate page.)
A security officer will provide an escort for students, faculty or staff at anytime. We encourage all to use an escort to your car after hours.
Lock Cutting
When a key is lost or combination is forgotten we will cut a lock. Be prepared for a challenge as to need.
Opening Locked Areas
We will make available labs and other areas within the college based on existing procedures. Be prepared for a challenge as to need.
Lost & Found
We share this responsibilities with the Business Office. Keys, day planners and books are usually kept in the Security Office when found. Jewelry, wallets and other valuable may be forwarded to the Business Office.
Parking Services
We will help with a dead battery or a flat tire. We do not unlock vehicles but will help locate a locksmith.
Traffic Rule Enforcement