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Office of Research


The Research Office administratively coordinates all faculty and student research projects at Texas A&M University Baylor College of Dentistry.

Within the Associate Dean’s office is the Technology Development Office that aids faculty with inventions and interactions with industry.

Intramural funding for research and research compliance matters are administered locally.

Extramural funding for research is administrated by the TAMUS Office of Sponsored Research Services

An additional important resource for faculty members who are writing grants is the Texas A&M University Office of Research Development Services.

Dr. Jerry Feng and colleague
Dr. Jerry Feng, professor in biomedical sciences at TAMBCD, and Yuan Hui, Ph.D. student and visiting scholar

Regenerative medicine in dentistry: Making strides toward a ‘bio-tooth’

NIH funding begins for Dr. Feng and fellow researchers to unlock mysteries of tooth root formation.

NIH Grant
Co-principal investigator Dr. Larry Bellinger (l) and principal investigator Dr. Phillip Kramer.

Pain reduction studies: NIH grants fund TMJ research

Research which was formerly limited to the TMJ has been extended to include pain in the facial musculature.

Laura Gene Utt, clinical assistant professor in dental hygiene, researches how hygienists manage patient dental anxiety.

Personalized care: Calming anxieties benefits patients and providers alike

Recognizing anxieties in patients and learning how to effectively address them is the focus of Utt's research.

Beltran researcher
Dr. Stacy Beltran, graduate student in periodontics, researches reducing inflammation time following surgery.

Reducing recovery time: Battling inflammation with research

Dr. Beltran's research has found that a protein could significantly decrease the dental surgery recovery time 

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